Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Playweek with Comics

Today I learned about how much fun I could have at work. I went a particular website called: Comic Strip Generator. In which I did a fun parody of Bart Simpson. (http://www.txt2pic.com/comic-strip/) You can go on this website and put in your own caption to one of many cartoon characters. Then posting by finding a URL host and copy and pasting the URL into where you are posting. By far this website and week in exploration has been the best.

RSS Update

During my exploration of Learning 2.0, one of the most interesting concepts I learn about was RSS feeds. Every major website now has this feature. You first have to set up a bloglines account in order to use this option. Then you can subscribe to your favorite websites and get up to date and current information. It is like bookmarking your favorite website but now you can get information that you want. How I found out if a website had RSS feed, I would first go to http://www.google.com/ then search by magazine. Then I would check on the actual website towards the bottom to see if they had a RSS subscription option. This is how I discovered RSS feeds and how I related it to my everyday life.